Whether you are married, dating or engaged – just starting your life with a new partner, or even if you have been in a relationship for decades – dealing with relationship challenges, VOW Family Champions workshops WILL make a difference!

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Are you Dating or Engaged? VOW workshops teach couples skills that are critical in the development of a long happy and committed relationship!

Take a VOW Workshop and get your Marriage License FREE! (filing fees may still apply)

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Private Couple Course

Private Couple Course - Limited Availability - $500/Couple; Full Payment Required Up Front

Most things in life need maintenance! Could your relationship benefit from a check-up? The private course is just that, a private program, customized to your relationship needs and includes powerful couple assessment.

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VOW offers three types of intensives for married couples. From fun, playful check-up weekends learning 8 habits of successful marriages, to more intensive restorative intensives, there is a format for everyone.

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VOW For Business & Mediation

VOW For Business

Businesses can invest in their employees in a manner that will impact both their home and work relationships – for the better! The same skills that are found in healthy relationships can be applied in the work place.

In addition to workplace relationship training, VOW now offers Mediation Services to business, individuals, couples or any other parties who wish to settle issues via means other than litigation or divorce.

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